↓ Project: Last Flower  |   Year: 2011


Finalist in Crowbar Awards 2011 Editorial Publication

Last flower is a project that pushes the boundary of visual communication using lotus as the source of inspiration and reflects on the metaphysical world through Buddhist philosophy.

↓ Project: The invisible world  |   Duration: 1month  |   Year: 2011

Patterns of the invisible world

A study on paper structures based on patterns derived from microscopic photographs of the butterfly eggs. A final handcrafted paper sculpture is produced.

↓ Project: Branding of Asian Festival  |   Year: 2010


A branding project for the Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival, which the project aims to inject the concept and philosophy of 'life' that exist beneath the festival.

Deliverables include a book, promotional item, outdoor advertisement and marketing collaterals.

View process book

↓ Project: Poster Design  |   Year: 2010

Design Culture Now

An experiment with poster design to merge photography and typography.

↓ Project: School  |   Year: 2012

ADM Show 2012

Vice-Chairperson for ADM Show 2012

The ADM Show 2012 is about striking up a conversation. Discover a myriad of thought-provoking works that allow you to think, feel and imagine from a whole new perspective. Immerse yourself in a dialogue with us and let our ideas take flight with your imagination.

↓ Project: School, academic research  |   Year: 2009-2010

Beyond Typography

A 10-months research project on book binding and design.

The project investigates how the experience of learning typography can become interactive with innovative book structures and foldings.

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