↓ Project: Personal Space  |   Year: 2011

Personal Space

Personal Space investigate how people move and behave in a shared public space. Personally feeling there is a lack of awareness in respecting the private spaces from others, the project embark on understanding why such a difference in behaviour, how this behaviour reflect the socio-culture and the fusion of multi-cultural habits in Singapore. .

↓ Project: Packaging Design  |   Year: 2011

Packaging Design

Repackaging Cup Noodles.

↓ Project: School, Fading Tradition  |   Year: 2010

Chinese Almanac Board Game

The board game aims to reduce the superstitions of the Almanac and develop an understanding of the Chinese ancient wisdom. A modern and light-hearted approach was taken to package a traditional culture such that the younger generation will pick up the knowledge in a fun atmosphere.

↓ Project: School, proposal  |   Year: 2009


A report written to propose for an art workshop based on Bauhaus's Vorkurs philosophy by using materiality as a form of medium to interact with art and composition.

↓ Project: Publication Design  |   Year: 2010

New Breakfast

A bilingual cooking book comprises of Singapore's authentic breakfast.

An experimental break through of the conventional cooking guides in the market.

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