↓ Project: School (FYP)  |   Year: 2011-2012

Embracing Distraction

A personal study to investigate if embracing distraction can enhance creative processes. A whimsical twist when distractions gave rise to a new perspective of creativity.

↓ Project: Self Initiated Illustration  |   Year: 2011


Exploration of personal styles.

↓ Project: Cilent  |   Noise Singapore |   Year: 2010

Music Victory

Commissioned by Noise Singapore for a 2m by 2m wall mural illustration for Noise House @ Scape Park in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games '10.

Mural expresses a fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, both traditional and popular cultures.

↓ Project: Cilent  |   9 Fountains |   Year: 2010

T-shirt illustrations

Invited and commissioned by 9Fountains during their first launch of T-shirt designs.

↓ Project: Self Initiated Illustration  |   Year: 2011

Just vote and move on

An illustrative reaction towards General Election in Singapore.

↓ Project: Cilent  |   Epigram |   Year: 2011

"I'm not naughty" Newsletter

Illustrations for the newsletter "I'm not naughty" sponsored by Epigram for SPARK (Society for the Promotion of ADHD Research and Knowledge).

↓ Project: Self Initiated Illustration  |   Year: 2012

Drink dispenser

Exploration on style and local everyday culture

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